Quality & Customer Service: How Strategic Changes Ensure Reliability in High-Pressure Equipment Manufacturing

In a year of challenges, the levels of quality and customer service a company provides have become increasingly important. At Haskel, the Quality departments in the Haskel European headquarters in Sunderland, England and the Haskel US headquarters in Burbank, California have taken on the challenge of integrating new technologies and processes to more further their alignment with customers' needs in changing work environments.

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High-Pressure System Advancements: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Gas Compression Technology?

Advancements in industrial gas compression equipment are enabling companies to increase efficiencies, plan for growth, and realize lower operating costs. The adoption of IoT is bringing unprecedented intelligence and control, allowing industrial gas users to achieve maximum throughput, increased visibility of real-time operations, and faster detection of problems.

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Driving Consumer Adoption in Hydrogen Mobility Market

One of hydrogen mobility’s biggest barriers to widespread adoption is consumer awareness and education. Despite fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen-powered technology being far from new, there are still several misconceptions and a lack of consumer information.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs. Battery: Comparing Zero-Emission Vehicles

There are well over a billion vehicles on the world’s roads, and while greener technology has seen significant growth, most vehicles are still powered by petrol-fueled internal combustion engines. Driving for a cleaner future, automakers and governments are making key commitments to zero-emission transportation. Earlier this year, for example, the UK government announced plans to end the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2035.

Though there has been significant progress in the move toward zero-emission vehicles, “new-energy” and alt-fuel vehicles such as hybrid electric/petrol only hold about 6% of the market share. Consumer education and adoption are still major gaps that need to be closed. A deeper understanding of the origins of the technologies and the differences between them will help alleviate perceived fears and embrace the technology that’s coming their way.

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Starting Your Gas Booster Under Load: Boosting Gas Pressure Efficiently

Whether your booster or compressor is run continuously or intermittently, all equipment is taken offline at some point. Restarting the compressor can be frustrating because most compression equipment, such as piston and diaphragm designs, can run under load but are not designed to start under load. So, if you have a high pressure source, which is the best way of transporting large volumes of gas, this pressure must be reduced during the startup phase. This can be very costly if the installation or process requires frequent starting and stopping. Not only is the energy wasted, the gas is also wasted because it has to be vented to atmosphere.

As more manufacturers and operators look for cleaner, more cost-efficient technology that can support greater ROI, electric gas boosting designs may see increased demand over traditional designs. Electric-driven gas boosters are designed to start in a loaded condition, helping you transfer gases with maximum efficiency.

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Planning Your Extraction System: Which Extraction Method is Right for You?

2020 is an important year for the cannabis market, as sales remain steady through the pandemic and legalization spreads in US states and Europe. With new regulations in existing markets, product line diversification, the maturity of the CDB market, and the rollout of Canada’s “Cannabis 2.0” derivative products, safe, consistent high-pressure manufacturing processes are critical to sustainable growth.

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Serving Customers in Times of Crisis: Strengthening Our Supply Chain

In an 'always-on' global economy, we count on fast access to the supplies we need—in many cases, critical to the health and safety of our end customers. COVID-19 created an urgent need to scale up:

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Hydrogen Fuelling: Meeting Industry Needs for Scalable Solutions


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Green Hydrogen: Sustainable Options for Mobility and Industry

Breaking Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

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Meet the Team: Scott Sopko Brings Years of Industrial Experience to Haskel

After a career working throughout the high-pressure and hydrogen industries, Scott Sopko’s first months on the job have been eventful! We caught up with Scott to learn what brought him to Haskel and what he’s seeing in the high-pressure market today.

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