Putting Our Products to the Test: How Haskel Ensures the Highest Quality in High-Pressure

Great engineering and superior quality have allowed Haskel to continually supply the most reliable pumps in the market. Recently, Haskel began running a series of validation tests on equipment in order to further test the quality and functionality of specific parts, and to foresee and mitigate potential faults consumers may experience with their products. We sat down with Haskel’s Process Engineering Technician Lead Danny Parra and Process Engineering Technician Gary Ramirez to find out what products they are testing, and how the results are affecting the future of Haskel’s supply chain.


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Advancing High-Pressure Safety Solutions for Aerospace

With flying being one of the most popular travel methods, the considerations and regulations regarding safety have become increasingly important. Before passengers step foot on an aircraft, manufacturers pay significant attention to the intricacies of air travel. To survive high altitudes and low atmospheric pressure, a pressurization system is put on all aircraft to assist passenger breathing. These pressurization systems constantly pump fresh, outside air into the airplane body allowing for safe and convenient air travel. Having a reliable pressurization system is crucial to the safety of the pilots and passengers on board, but what happens when pressure is compromised? Having reliable backup air is critical to the performance of the pilots, and safety of the passengers.

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Meet the Team: Pooya Mahmoudian, R&D Senior Program Manager

Outside of work Pooya Mahmoudian spends his time keeping up with all the new things his two young children are into, but when he’s at the office he is keeping up with the advancements and challenges Haskel’s customers are facing. As Haskel’s R&D Senior Program Manager, Mahmoudian plays a key role in the company’s most innovative projects. He shared more about what he’s working on and what he’s turning his attention to next.

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Meet the Team: Who is Haskel Dave? Get to Know Haskel's Global Product Manager

With over 16 years of employment at Haskel, Dave Gordon knows more about Haskel’s suite of products than most. Throughout his years with the company, Gordon has been involved in some of the company’s biggest advancements. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his role and find what he’s been working on with the Haskel team.

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Haskel On The Move: New Life for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

September was a busy month for Haskel Europe, with the decommissioning, relocation and recommissioning of two hydrogen refueling stations (HRS).

Haskel, which has been providing hydrogen refueling solutions for several years was recently challenged to decommission, relocate, and recommission one of its earlier hydrogen refueling stations. Initially supporting the French postal service (La Poste), the station was located in Luxeuil. Haskel successfully relocated and safely recommissioned the station in Grand Dole, becoming the first hydrogen fuel distribution station in the region.

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Meet the Team: Haskel’s New Hydrogen Systems European Sales Manager, Guy Verkoeyen

With his previous experience in hydrogen and fuel cells product sales, Guy Verkoeyen brings a distinct advantage to the Haskel team. He's joined the company to take on a key role in continuing our growth within the hydrogen market. We sat down with Haskel’s newest employee to discover what is in store for him at Haskel.

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An Expanding Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market: Putting the Pressure on Fossil Fuels

As the world continues to shift its resources and focus toward producing clean energy, hydrogen fuel cell technologies have grown exponentially and have started making their way toward commercialization. Companies and governments around the world are taking action to promote green energy in a growing effort to minimize their carbon footprint. Major car companies like Toyota, Hyundai, and Audi have emerged as leaders in bringing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the consumer market. Manufacturers are making significant investments in fuel cell refueling stations in order to provide infrastructure for these vehicles, encouraging market adoption.

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Giving Cancer Research a Boost: Haskel Employees Swim for a Cure

Haskel’s dedicated team of experts continuously shows their commitment to solving critical challenges, both at work and in their personal lives. Exemplifying our organization’s reputation of quality, safety, and reliability, we’ve seen our team members participate in some great events.  For three individuals, they’ve been carrying out these values for the past seven years with their participation in the Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie Swimathon.

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All Systems Go: The Space Industry is Gearing Up for Exciting Times

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we’re once again experiencing an exciting time for space exploration—records are being broken, and many governments and private companies are setting ambitious goals.

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Hydrogen Technology and Refueling Stations: How One Country is Normalizing the Change to Clean Energy

Hydrogen technologies are slowly becoming part of consumer life in many countries, but in China the hydrogen market is very much a part of daily life. Beginning operation in late 2018, one of the world’s largest refueling stations keeps China’s hydrogen buses – and its people – moving all day long.

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