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Planning Your Extraction System: Which Extraction Method is Right for You?

2020 is an important year for the cannabis market, as sales remain steady through the pandemic and legalization spreads in US states and Europe. With new regulations in existing markets, product line diversification, the maturity of the CDB market, and the rollout of Canada’s “Cannabis 2.0” derivative products, safe, consistent high-pressure manufacturing processes are critical to sustainable growth.

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Serving Customers in Times of Crisis: Strengthening Our Supply Chain

In an 'always-on' global economy, we count on fast access to the supplies we need—in many cases, critical to the health and safety of our end customers. COVID-19 created an urgent need to scale up:

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Hydrogen Fuelling: Meeting Industry Needs for Scalable Solutions


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Green Hydrogen: Sustainable Options for Mobility and Industry

Breaking Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

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Meet the Team: Scott Sopko Brings Years of Industrial Experience to Haskel

After a career working throughout the high-pressure and hydrogen industries, Scott Sopko’s first months on the job have been eventful! We caught up with Scott to learn what brought him to Haskel and what he’s seeing in the high-pressure market today.

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COVID-19 and its Impact on the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market

The Growing Outlook for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles 

While automotive manufacturers take action to care first for their employees, families, and communities, they’re closely watching for key changes and decisions that will color their strategic business planning in the years to come:

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UBC Rocket Engineering Series: Hot Fires and Major Milestones

In our collective search for bright spots during this global crisis, the commitment of the scientific community stands out. We’re proud to highlight their work.

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Embracing the Industrial IoT to Advance High-Pressure Manufacturing

The “Internet of Things (IoT)” is a concept that has gained considerable exposure over the past decade, becoming increasingly embedded in household objects in order to more easily enable the sending and receiving of data. The IoT has already significantly changed the way that we live and work (Amazon’s Alexa, anyone?).

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A Quiet Change in Compression Technology has Arrived

When it comes to workplace noise levels, how loud is too loud? Ear-damaging workplace noise is a widespread problem that impacts employees in many lines of work. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA), at least 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise every year. While noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is 100% preventable, many employers don’t take the right precautions to keep their employees safe.

To provide workers with more protection from NIHL, OSHA began penalizing organizations. In 2017 alone, employers were required to pay $1.5 million in penalties for not protecting their employees from noise. A recent estimate from OSHA reveals that that an estimated $242 million is spent annually on workers compensation claims for hearing loss. That amount can be vastly reduced by supplying employees with the correct personal protective equipment.

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4 Steps for Planning Your High-Pressure Gas & Liquid System Purchase

Designing a system for delivering highly pressurized gas and liquids requires engineers to successfully meet the challenge of achieving necessary flow input while mitigating potentially dangerous flow failure situations. The unique needs of the application the system is being used in must be carefully considered prior to the purchase of system equipment.

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