Case Study: Selecting an Air-Driven Pump for Water Filter Housings

With nearly 40 years in the precision flow business, Ray Schnell has seen a lot of interesting uses for high-pressure equipment across a variety of industries. A Product Specialist at FLW, Ray spent 20 years with Haskel. In this time, he grew his product expertise exponentially by finding solutions for customer challenges. Below, Ray shares a case where he used his product expertise and troubleshooting experience to implement best-fit solutions for his customers’ unique needs.

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Topics: High-Pressure Pumps, Air-Driven Pumps

Case Studies: Creating Cost and Performance Solutions through High-Pressure Engineering Expertise

Though all Haskel equipment is designed to fit the needs of various high-pressure applications, it's common that our customers need a customization on certain products in order to better fit their exact operation. With our extensive engineering expertise and rich industry knowledge, we’re able to design and produce solutions that offer our customers the exact performance they seek.

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Topics: Air-Driven Pumps