Quality & Customer Service: How Strategic Changes Ensure Reliability in High-Pressure Equipment Manufacturing

In a year of challenges, the levels of quality and customer service a company provides have become increasingly important. At Haskel, the Quality departments in the Haskel European headquarters in Sunderland, England and the Haskel US headquarters in Burbank, California have taken on the challenge of integrating new technologies and processes to more further their alignment with customers' needs in changing work environments.

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Putting Our Products to the Test: How Haskel Ensures the Highest Quality in High-Pressure

Great engineering and superior quality have allowed Haskel to continually supply the most reliable pumps in the market. Recently, Haskel began running a series of validation tests on equipment in order to further test the quality and functionality of specific parts, and to foresee and mitigate potential faults consumers may experience with their products. We sat down with Haskel’s Process Engineering Technician Lead Danny Parra and Process Engineering Technician Gary Ramirez to find out what products they are testing, and how the results are affecting the future of Haskel’s supply chain.


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Achieving Availability and Reliability in High-Pressure Solutions through Proactive Customer Service

In 2015, Haskel Europe began an 8-month endeavor to overhaul its customer reporting system. The goal: ensuring customer satisfaction in both availability and reliability. Success in these areas depends on offering lead times when products are ordered and performing against those lead times when it is time to deliver.

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