High-Pressure System Advancements: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Gas Boosting Technology?

Advancements in industrial gas compression equipment are enabling companies to increase efficiencies, plan for growth, and realize lower operating costs. The adoption of IoT is bringing unprecedented intelligence and control, allowing industrial gas users to achieve maximum throughput, increased visibility of real-time operations, and faster detection of problems.

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Starting Your Gas Booster Under Load: Boosting Gas Pressure Efficiently

Whether your booster or compressor is run continuously or intermittently, all equipment is taken offline at some point. Restarting the compressor can be frustrating because most compression equipment, such as piston and diaphragm designs, can run under load but are not designed to start under load. So, if you have a high pressure source, which is the best way of transporting large volumes of gas, this pressure must be reduced during the startup phase. This can be very costly if the installation or process requires frequent starting and stopping. Not only is the energy wasted, the gas is also wasted because it has to be vented to atmosphere.

As more manufacturers and operators look for cleaner, more cost-efficient technology that can support greater ROI, electric gas boosting designs may see increased demand over traditional designs. Electric-driven gas boosters are designed to start in a loaded condition, helping you transfer gases with maximum efficiency.

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Planning Your Extraction System: Which Extraction Method is Right for You?

2020 is an important year for the cannabis market, as sales remain steady through the pandemic and legalization spreads in US states and Europe. With new regulations in existing markets, product line diversification, the maturity of the CDB market, and the rollout of Canada’s “Cannabis 2.0” derivative products, safe, consistent high-pressure manufacturing processes are critical to sustainable growth.

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UBC Rocket Engineering Series: Hot Fires and Major Milestones

In our collective search for bright spots during this global crisis, the commitment of the scientific community stands out. We’re proud to highlight their work.

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A Quiet Change in Compression Technology has Arrived

When it comes to workplace noise levels, how loud is too loud? Ear-damaging workplace noise is a widespread problem that impacts employees in many lines of work. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA), at least 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise every year. While noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is 100% preventable, many employers don’t take the right precautions to keep their employees safe.

To provide workers with more protection from NIHL, OSHA began penalizing organizations. In 2017 alone, employers were required to pay $1.5 million in penalties for not protecting their employees from noise. A recent estimate from OSHA reveals that that an estimated $242 million is spent annually on workers compensation claims for hearing loss. That amount can be vastly reduced by supplying employees with the correct personal protective equipment.

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Supporting the Future of Aerospace: Haskel Teams Up with UBC Rocket Engineering Team

Most college students get to work on some pretty interesting projects, but only a select number of students get to build a rocket that will be sent to space. Students at The University of British Columbia (UBC) are in that select number. Competing in the Base 11 Space Challenge, the UBC Rocket Engineering Design Team is developing a fully operational rocket with hopes of winning the grand prize in December 2020. Needing equipment that would support their rocket development, the team reached out to Haskel for support, and possible sponsorship. Recognizing this as an opportunity to support future engineers, Haskel was more than willing to team up with UBC.

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Advancing High-Pressure Safety Solutions for Aerospace

With flying being one of the most popular travel methods, the considerations and regulations regarding safety have become increasingly important. Before passengers step foot on an aircraft, manufacturers pay significant attention to the intricacies of air travel. To survive high altitudes and low atmospheric pressure, a pressurization system is put on all aircraft to assist passenger breathing. These pressurization systems constantly pump fresh, outside air into the airplane body allowing for safe and convenient air travel. Having a reliable pressurization system is crucial to the safety of the pilots and passengers on board, but what happens when pressure is compromised? Having reliable backup air is critical to the performance of the pilots, and safety of the passengers.

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An Expanding Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market: Putting the Pressure on Fossil Fuels

As the world continues to shift its resources and focus toward producing clean energy, hydrogen fuel cell technologies have grown exponentially and have started making their way toward commercialization. Companies and governments around the world are taking action to promote green energy in a growing effort to minimize their carbon footprint. Major car companies like Toyota, Hyundai, and Audi have emerged as leaders in bringing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the consumer market. Manufacturers are making significant investments in fuel cell refueling stations in order to provide infrastructure for these vehicles, encouraging market adoption.

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Meeting Market Demand: Changing the Standard of Standardization in High-Pressure

The introduction of Amazon’s 2-day shipping has completely shifted consumer buying expectations. If speedy delivery options aren’t available, buyers may take their business elsewhere. Even though turnaround times are naturally longer in manufacturing, this expectation of expedited delivery is finding its way into the high-pressure marketplace.

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Supporting the Small Satellite Launch Sector: How High-Pressure Products Play a Role

The small satellite launch industry is swiftly growing and Europe’s involvement is no exception. While venture capital has long been a part of the space launcher industry in the U.S. and Asia, the tremendous investment in Europe’s first microlauncher company, PLD Space based in Spain, represents the first of its kind in Europe. The company just recently closed a new funding round of 9 million euros, completing its Series A round of 17 million euros. Haskel has had the opportunity to work with PLD Space in order to support the company's goals.

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